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Cellphones Are Great for Sharing Photos - and Bacteria

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

We love our smart phones and tablets - a lot. But the next time you take your phone to lunch, hand it to a coworker to share photos, or bring it to the gym, consider this: Bacteria from a phone can cause flu, pinkeye or diarrhea. Yuck. And people are just as likely to get sick from their phones as from handles of the bathroom. That's according to a physician interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about the hazards of taking your cell phone everywhere - and then passing it to friends to share an... Lire suite

Best in Blogs: Debate Aftermath and Adding Up Celebrity Political Videos

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

To everything there is a season, and every four years near the end of baseball season comes presidential voting season - which makes it open season for political jabbering, viral videos and passionate blogging about the candidates. First, let's recap this week's thrilling (yawn) debate. The consensus from both sides is that Mitt Romney did better than expected in the candidates' first televised contest to say things that may or may not have any relation to real-life action. Asks New Mexico... Lire suite

Best in Blogs: NFL Refs and Nook Tablets Teach About Subs (or Not), Facebook Nukes Fake Friends, Holidays Keep the Net Safe

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

Just in time for spoiling only part of the current football season, the real referees are coming back. "Rejoice, NFL fans," says Deadspin. "After 48 regular season games that nearly brought the National Football League to its knees and turned the league's officiating into a recurring national joke, the NFL and the referees union have agreed to a new eight-year deal and the officials will be back on the job." Things were getting hairy, and the episode provides an abject lesson in when it's ok... Lire suite

Best in Blogs: iPhone 5 Debuts, Zuck Talks Stock Drops, Nipplegate Controversy

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

"The lights have dimmed in San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater, and journo-bloggers have published closing one-liners on their live blogs, uploading final pics of the new longer, skinnier and more powerful iPhone 5," says a journo-blogger at Technorati. "It is time for Apple's annual post-product and OS release ritual, as fan boys (and girls) dance proudly around the fires newly stoked by Apple CEO Tim Cook and crew, while head-shaking iHaters stand just outside the warm,... Lire suite

Best in Blogs: Eddie Murphy Didn't Die This Week, iPhone 5 Video Preview, Zuck Sits on It

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

Two celebrities didn't die this week, despite what the Internet said. But only one of them lives on. Which is not as complicated as it seems. Just stupid. For starters, a bogus outfit called Global Associated News generated a false alarm that Eddie Murphy died in a snowboard accident. The shocking non-news went a little viral. "The alleged accident, of course, occurred in Zermatt, Switzerland, where Murphy has been 'killed' about a dozen times in the past, including last month - twice," says... Lire suite

Best in Blogs: World's Oldest Facebook User (Sort of), Burning Man Online, and Obama Goes AMA on Reddit

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

Conan O'Brien had the funniest wisecrack this week about 101-year-old Florence Detlor, who was introduced to the world as the oldest person to be using Facebook. Conan: "She said 'I'd like to waste what little time I have left.'" Early in the week, Facebook's Chief Something Officer Sheryl Sandberg had tweeted written on her FB timeline that Detlor was "the oldest registered Facebook user." Well, maybe not after all. After Mashable ran a story about that, it followed up: "A commenter on our... Lire suite

Best in Blogs: Best and Worst iPhone 5 Rumors, Apple & Google Go Nuclear, and a Cure for Apocaholism

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

Here we go again! A new iPhone is imminent from Apple, and everyone who ever fingered a one-button mouse is wondering what it will be like. "Rumors swirling around the iPhone 5 have gadget watchers dizzy with anticipation. Bigger screen size, thinner display, Siri song-and-dance numbers -- when will the madness stop'!" says Mashable, which links to a "leaked video" that supposedly explains it all but which is in fact a withering parody by Folks just love a good Apple rumor, or a... Lire suite

Best in Blogs: Life on Mars, NASA's Mohawk Guy, and the Next Double Rainbow Video

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

The Curiosity Rover landed in Mars's Gale Crater, with an assignment - as Engadget once explained - of "finally answering Bowie's nagging questions." (Is there life on Mars' Do you remember your president Nixon' Rebel Rebel could they know') But Gizmodo does wonder "why do the Mars rover's images look so bad'" Cripes, don't they have Instagram up there' The answer is "Two words: dust cap. All the cameras onboard Curiosity are covered with transparent dust caps." But soon the images will... Lire suite

Best in Blogs: Olympic Spoilers! Phelps and U.S. Gymnasts Soar

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

It's a sporting event that brings people together once every four years: crying about Olympics TV coverage! "If pissing off the Olympic audience were an event in London, NBC would be winning gold, silver, and bronze, every single night," says Business Insider. "Please don't watch NBC tonight. Or any night," says TechCrunch. The gripes are spewing all over Twitter (because it's the "Twitter Olympics," says CNN Tech.) Wah! Don't cry, Boehner Baby! One guy - a legit-ish news reporter named Guy ---... Lire suite

Best in Blogs: Everything Olympics, Scorsese and Siri Remake Taxi Driver, and the Least Flattering Celebrity Pics Ever

Sur Acoustiarc, il y a 8 ans.

It's crazy to think that four years ago the Olympics were in China, George Bush was president, and there was no such thing as an iPad (and without the time-chewing obligation to manufacture millions of electronic tablets, China put on a terrific opening ceremony). Well, the Olympics are in London starting this Friday, and there's so much to blog. Where to watch online' NBC has paid 8.9 zillion dollars for the rights to the carry the Games in the U.S. across its numerous platforms, so you need... Lire suite

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